Innovation in an industry that hasn't seen any change in the last 40 years.
It's time to rethink your fleet.
It's time to change the way you deliver.

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Discover how CFT-BEV™ is reshaping the beverage industry landscape with solutions that deliver exceptional cost savings and efficiency gains.

Explore our innovative products and solutions that drive tangible results for our clients, backed by real data and success stories.


reduction of work-related accidents & injuries


less repair costs due to corrosion


faster cargo unloading

*without available parking


savings on fuel consumption


CFT-BEV™s  are the most innovative and specialized trailers and truck bodies on the market today.

Our products are intricately designed to significantly enhance and transform your business.

decrease of work-related accidents & injuries
higher driver retention & satisfaction
ReDUCTION of MAINTENANCE & operating costs
Reduce work-related accidents & injuries by up to 95%
We know how challenging it is to hire new drivers and retain existing ones. It all starts with having the right fleet and equipment to facilitate the delivery process.

Our patented electrical door system is a definite game-changer for your operations:

»  Faster unloading at delivery sites
»  Reduce driver's shoulders and back injuries
»  Reduce repair & maintenance costs
»  Help retain drivers on the job and units on the road


Optimize your operations with an integrated remote-controlled forklift:

» Reduce driver’s risk of injuries & exertion
»  Increase efficiency & speed of your cargo handling
»  Make the job more appealing and pleasing for your driver
»  Fulfill more deliveries each day


Assist & protect your drivers with our ergonomically designed trailers:

»  Easier & safer access for drivers
»  Prevent injuries by eliminating above-waist-level lifting
»  Keep your equipment organized
»  Maintain driver satisfaction and employee retention

Make your delivery equipment work for you
At CFT, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. we're dedicated to understanding your unique requirements and preferences and creating custom-designed equipment that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Challenges? We welcome them with open arms. Eager to collaborate and exceed our expectations every step of the way
Transform your business with CFT-BEV™ trailers and truck bodies: Enhance productivity, reduce costs, minimize accidents, and prioritize driver safety and satisfaction while also having a meaningful environmental footprint.
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